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wplistingspro theme limitations WordPress


1. The user is allowed to upload only one image for a menu of a restaurant and it is not oriented properly... see attached image. Users should be able to upload more than one image and rotate it for correct viewing.

2. The images of a listing which show on the banner does not have correct orientation. Users should be able to rotate uploaded images.

3. Users are not able to choose subcategories separately from a dropdown option. All the categories and subcategories show up in a single dropdown option during listing - making it extremely difficult to choose the right one.

4. Google maps doesn't show on listing page.

5. Users are not able to input more than one phone number per listing.

Answers (2)


Farid answers:

I have ready your points and need some more clarification before I jump to into it.

1) Which menu are you referring to? Also tell me where do you want its images to be rotating on the site?

3) Do you want the category dropdown to be as text field? So user can put his/her desired category to the listing?

4) This is the place where map is not being displayed right?

5) How many phone numbers do you want to allow your users to add for a listing?


Kaavs comments:

1. Once you add a listing, from the user dashboard, there's a add menu card option on the left side of the dashboard. This is what I am referring to.

3. I would like category to be selected from dropdown. And a separate dropdown for the subcategories of the category chosen above. For example, Category-> Restaurant. Sub-category->Chinese


5. Up to 3 phone numbers.


Farid comments:

1) I have seen that menu. However, you didn't answer the second part of my question. Please tell me how you can use that menu and where on the site you want to have its images rotating?

Would be great if you add related screenshots.

Kaavs comments:

Please see attached screenshot.

Kaavs comments:


Kaavs comments:


Farid comments:

Thank you for explaining it properly. It's all clear now. Let me look over your site now.

Kaavs comments:

Any update?


Farid comments:

I am done with last two and working on the third one.

Also, please respond to my email ASAP.


Farid comments:

The following three points are done and up on your site.

3. Users are able to choose subcategories separately from a dropdown option.

4. Google maps is working now.

5. Users can add up to three phone numbers to a listing as per your requirements.

I am working on remaining 2 points now.


Kaavs comments:

I was just checking this.
The subcategories dropdown does not show any option. Also, after previewing the listing, when you try to edit it, subcategories dropdown is not there. Please check this.

Kaavs comments:

Pls check the mobile version.

Farid comments:

Hi there,

All points are done except the first one as that is strongly restricted by the theme author through a shortcode and whole menu configuration to the listing.

2. Those banner images are in the correct direction and rotatable, see this screencast:

3. Users are able to choose subcategories separately from a dropdown option based on parent selected category. See this screencast:

4. Google map is working fine now:

5. Users can enter three phone numbers now as per your requirement.

Submitting and editing:

1. If we set the multiple images for the menu it would require to modify a short code that supports multiple locations with different parameters across the theme and that's [frontend-button] containing a complete image solution.

It's better to stick with it as it is as it can disturb the several places that user media in the theme area.



Cesar Contreras answers:

* You can edit a media file so you can rotate them
* Maybe you need to add the key for the google maps service, check that