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wp theme and plugin wont play nice WordPress


seems like a plugin is breaking the cufon and the sliders on our site.


i left the plugin enabled just incase you wanted to take a look at the source for any hints.

thanks! Andrew

ps. when tested in IE7 the site does not load the audio player, cufon and sliders work
when tested in chrome the audio player loads, cufon and sliders do not work
i thought maybe the above could be some clues in this wp mystery.

Answers (2)


Peter van der Does answers:

About Cufon:
It looks like when the plugin is loaded(Firefox in my case) the code to activate Cufon isn't loaded. Not sure when this is embedded in the page though. Hard to tell without source code.

Peter van der Does comments:

The code disappears after the redirection done by the mp3player script.


S├ębastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

you can try to intervert the order of JS in the head.

Now the player is before cufon, try to place cufon before the player.
Sometimes that works