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(wp_nav_menu) Dragging items doesn't re-order them? WordPress


Hi There,

I am using a theme that utilizes the new 'Menus' feature available in wordpress 3+.

When I drag menu items to re-order them, it works fine in the admin area, but when I view the site it does not put the pages in that same order. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance for your expert help.

Answers (2)


Pippin Williamson answers:

Did you click "Save Menu"?

WP Answers comments:

Good call to both of you. Clicking "Save Menus" didn't work on its own, but clicking "Save Menu" along with "Save" under 'them locations' did the trick.

Thanks guys! i'll split the prize money.


Maor Barazany answers:

Have you saved the new menu order after changing it?
There's a button for saving the menus.