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Problem is, I put a product in my cart, continue to shipping. I am using USP shipping, and the quotes come in… But…the selection a user makes with a radio button does not dynamically add to the sub-total at the bottom of the page. I can change the radio button selection, but shipping method really does not get selected. So….even if I continue anyway, I get cycled back with an error note calling the user to select a shipping method. Stuck!!!

The other is maybe related. If I put a down loadable product in my cart, shipping quotes don't come in and I can continue and buy the product….BUT….the "select same as billing for shipping option" comes up for a product that does not have shipping?!!!

Info I have so far:>>>>

When you click the radio button, it will post the values of the shipping method and function to the wpsc_update_shipping_price() located in wpsc-includes\ajax.functions.php

But the response from the server doesn't change any of the values in the page...It gives the following response which is gonna do nothing with any of the elements in the page

if(jQuery('.pricedisplay.checkout-shipping .pricedisplay')){

jQuery('.pricedisplay.checkout-shipping > .pricedisplay:first').html("<span class='pricedisplay'>&#036;0.00</span>");

jQuery('.shoppingcart .pricedisplay.checkout-shipping > .pricedisplay:first').html("<span class='pricedisplay'>&#036;0.00</span>");

} else {

jQuery('.pricedisplay.checkout-shipping').html("<span class='pricedisplay'>&#036;0.00</span>");}jQuery('.pricedisplay.checkout-total').html("<span class='pricedisplay'>&#036;12.99</span>");

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Martin Pham answers:

Im testing: FF and Chrome, IE9 (bill = ship)... it work very well

Item total $12.99
Tax $1.14
Shipping and handling: loading...$6.00

Please describe more detail your question.

Kenneth Karsten comments:


I had been testing the store for table rates and local pick up. Table seems to work. I have re-enabled UPS shipping, that shows up, and adds below, changes when I change the shipping method, but I then I can't check out....I get a server not available error, please re-load later.

So...Since my main trouble has been USPSP, I disabled UPS, and enabled USPS, now USPS won't show up, and I can't get rid of UPS. I have been able to get USPS rates to pull in to the site and be listed, before, but never to add to the subtotal, no matter what USPS rate I select. Then, if no rate is selected, if you try to check out, the user gets cycled back to the shipping page to select a shipping method.

Anyway....I changed the settings in the store, the following options should be listed, local pick up, table rate, and USPS...three rates quoted.


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