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wordpress sidebar disappeared from site AND dashboard WordPress


My sidebar and footer widgets have disappeared from my site (

The option to see and edit which widgets are active has also disappeared from the Wordpress dashboard.

I recently activated a mobile template for the site which I think may have been the problem. I deleted the mobile theme but the problem persisted.

I have also:

reinstalled wordpress
deactivated all plugins

but the problem persists

Anyone have any ideas? I have been using my current theme for a long time, never having any problems before.

Any suggestions?

Answers (6)


Rashad Aliyev answers:

Hello, send me your credentials for checking it from your functions.php .

Lee Jackson comments:

What do you want me to send you?


Nilesh shiragave answers:


Activate your previous theme From Appearance section.


Erez S answers:

Try to redownload wordpress and then to reupload it to your server, maybe there is a problem with the files


Julio Potier answers:

Show us your footer.php from your theme please, thank you


Marko Nikolic answers:

Reinstall WordPress, all plugins, too.

Check your functions.php file (within your theme folder), or upload backup of functions.php.

Clear the cache on your browser.


Pali Madra answers:

Can you provide the URL of the website or the test area where the wordpress is installed.

Please let me know the plugins that are installed and whether the plugins are activated or not.

Also check the website for markup errors -