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word doc upload - auto word count and ecommerce addin WordPress


We are stating a online translation and review service and would like to use wordpress for the registration/ ecommerce and word doc upload / quote part.

The process should be like this :

User uploads a word doc for review or translation ( price is calculated by per word - so the price can be modified within the ecommerce setup )

the words in the word doc should be counted automatically and the price is number of words x price per word.
then the doc should be added to the order and the user can checkout via paypal.

Similar services can be found at and it´s sister site

The main benefit is the instant quote feature – where you upload the document and then the word are counted and you get an instant quote.

We would like to offer that also very prominently on the start page for editing and translation.

So we would need a small ecommerce part with returning customers, order overview and payment through paypal or invoice if we qualify the customer.

any help or answers how to solve this straight forward ?

Answers (2)


Lew Ayotte answers:

Reading Word Doc's requires special scripts installed on your server. And, in my opinion, these scripts are generally unreliable (probably not going to be a 100% word-count match). Plus there is a problem with doc vs. docx, do both need to be supported? I am not aware of any that currently support docx. What about other document formats?

To get this working in the most reliable way possible, you're looking at spending at least a thousand dollars on this project... probably more (assuming being billed 100$/hr).

Michael Gebert comments:

Doc is fine - docx is not needed - are you quoting for the complete project (funcionality like and it´s sister site combined ) ?


Jermaine Oppong answers:

You can create a site like this by using specialist scripts, a free one called Antiword and a paid one by [[LINK href=""]]Snowbound Software[[/LINK]]. You can even [[LINK href=""]]try out[[/LINK]] their demo.

A project like this should cost no more than 1000 to 1500 dollars average, but since its based on Wordpress you could get a cheaper deal. With the ecommerce part you dont need to worry too much as [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] or [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] can deal with this.

Just research on the best tools to use and find the developer to fuse these together for you.

All the Best,