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why are my wordpress pages defaulting to index? WordPress


Quick and simple question I hope...

why are my wordpress pages defaulting to index?

For example, theses are all pages on my site...

And everytime someone goes to either of my pages, it takes them to the homepage of my site.

My htaccess file is fine and my permalinks for all of my blog posts are operating as usual.

This problem just started about a week or so ago as always, I try to figure things out on my own first, but this is bugging me and I know it's probably something so simple for me to correct.

Any takers out there?

Answers (1)


Roberto Mas answers:

If problem is not in htaccess then it must be within your loop. Have you changed anything in your template? Are those pages using the same template or different templates.

Can you add this to your body tag in your header.php file so we can see the id of the output page

<body <?php body_class(); ?>>

Brennen Jones comments:

Done my man! Can you check out the source code for me?

Roberto Mas comments:

2 first pages use the same template but third one uses a different template so unless you changed something in both those template i cant see why they woud do that.

Can you paste here you query from the page-template-default?

Brennen Jones comments:

I figured it out! Stupid me!

I somehow deleted one of my files in the theme on accident and I didn't notice it just now until I compared my theme online to to the backup I have on my computer. I just simply reinstated that file and the pages are now showing.

Since you were the first to respond, you're getting the 5 bucks. :-)

Thanks for your help again.

Brennen Jones comments:

We were responding at the same time,'s all good. That's the file that somehow got deleted.