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I need a quiz adapted.

There are 10 questions on the page. I have the html for the quiz but no the submit code as it was done via a wishlist quiz plugin
and I don't have that. it was a free plugin that is no longer available.

The quiz must total evey answer and if the total does not = 10 they must do the quiz again.
if the total answers 10 they move on to a new page.

There must be no answers displayed as right or wrong. I do not want the person taking the quiz to know what answer is wrong.
If any answers are wrong it must refresh the page so they do the quiz again but there must be no prompt to tell them which answer is wrong.
When the page total is 10 correct answers, only then must it go to a new page

The original quiz was done with wishlist member quiz plugin. it was a free plugin that is not availble now.

my prefrence would be if anyone has rights to this plugin to have it installed on my blog and the quiz set up.

otherwise is there another plugin that would do the same job?

happy to have the quizz coded into html if no suitable plugins. NO FLASH QUIZZ'S PLEASE.

NB price is only for options, if someone has working plugin, can code or options we will talk about price. I don't expect anyone to do this job for $5, depending on solution there might be several similar jobs.

Answers (2)


Julio Potier answers:


What's the real price ?

Graham Kite comments:

What are you offering? plugin? custom code? There is no price until I know what is on offer. Do you have samples of work you have done previously?
What are your potential solutions?


Peter Michael answers:

Have you checked the [[LINK href=""]]available plugins[[/LINK]]?

Graham Kite comments:

Yes as far as I can find, most allow to do one question per page, none that I found would total, many were flash. The only suitable one I found was the wishlist quiz and they may re release it at some time in the future.

So not overly helpful.

It can be done in excel the code exported into html and then I would need to check a lot of code to make sure it is functioning and style it, and I am not great with excel, so I am not sure how well the code would convert.

Peter Michael comments:

I think this suits your needs: [[LINK href=""]]Quizzin[[/LINK]]

Graham Kite comments:

I have looked at quizzin but I don't think it does.

From memory it does not total the answers, and I think it sends via email. I may be wrong about that but I have looked at quizzing and never got it to do exactly what I wanted.

Have you used it before? Do you have a sample page/quiz?

Peter Michael comments:

Personally never used it. [[LINK href=""]]Demo[[/LINK]], [[LINK href=""]]Docs[[/LINK]] & [[LINK href=""]]Report[[/LINK]]

Might need just a few code changes to suit all your needs.

Graham Kite comments:

I suspect you are correct about that, but I don't have the time at present to get into it.

would you be interested in talking further?