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Pali Madra

<h1>Profile of Pali Madra</h1> <div style="font-size:12px;"> I'm always looking to learn. The reasons I joined WP-Questions is <ul> <li>to give back to the community which has unconditionally given me so much over the years</li> <li>To increase my WordPress skills by helping solving other people's problems. I also found out that going through answers by other WordPress experts also teaches me a lot of new things and approaches to solve a problem.</li> <li>Be in aware of the latest developments in the area of WordPress development.</li> <li>WP Questions is source of inspiration to me as it inspires me to improve my level of expertise to the level of top WordPress experts.</li> <li>To be recognized as a WordPress developer who can actually solve real problems.</li> <li>Interact with the WordPress development community.</li> </ul> </div> <h2>Background</h2> <div style="font-size:12px;"> <ul> <li> Web Developer, Web Designer and SEO professional with 15 years of experience </li> <li> I have been using WordPress for the last 5 years. I believe I should have been much better than what I'm after 5 years but I have been lazy. I'm trying to catch up now. </li> <li> I belong to the breed of web developers who can do web designing as well and have very good skills in HTML and CSS. I have fairly good knowledge about Photoshop as well. </li> <li> I like to help those who are learning web development and online marketing. </li> </ul> I run a small website development, design and online marketing company out of India. </div>
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