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upload png error/is its parent directory writable by the server? WordPress


I am trying to upload images and keep getting this error message:

“DomainChange1.png” has failed to upload due to an error
Unable to create directory /home/blog/public_html/wp-content/media. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

what is wrong?
how do I make it right?


feeling feeble,


Answers (6)


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi Zoe,

The server lacks the needed permissions.

Assuming you have ftp access, using a program like FileZilla (client) connect to the server and navigate to the directory: /home/blog/public_html/wp-content/media

There, change the permissions to 755 ( right click the folder name and choose 'File permissions...' option )


zoe hawk comments:

Dear Gabriel,

Please accept my apologies in advance. I don't understand most of what you are saying, but it was more comprehensible than other answers.

Not surprisingly, I've never ftp'd (if it is a verb). This is what I've done since reading your answer:

- Found, downloaded and installed Cyberduck
- googled "how do you know what server you are?", "how do you ftp?", "how do you connect to a server?" (nothing was terribly illuminating)
- opened a connection on " - FTP (it was the only connection offered with 'ftp' in the name. none of the files had any of the words 'home', 'blog', etc.

I have no idea what to do next. (i loathe being so mind-numbingly stupid).
Could you please explain what I need to do in very simple, explicit language. Or shoot me and put me out of my misery. I just want to upload some images onto my blog.

Gabriel Reguly comments:

Hi Zoe,

Fear not, that is not an impossible task ;-)

What is your domain name? ( i.e, the address of your site: )

Usually is the server address, that is where you will find your files.

I'll give you another instructions after you answer me the domain name.


zoe hawk comments:

ok. I can't tell you the exact name of my blog (such clandestine undertones, sorry).
so it is something like this

I have tried every configuration I can think of:

with/without "http://"
with/without "www"
with/without the last "/"
(always started with "ftp."

I always get this error
DNS Error: Connection failed

(I am on a mac... does that mean anything? Cyberduck says:

The following proxy settings in System Preferences → Network are supported:

The option Exclude simple hostnames is respected and applies to all hostnames not fully qualified.
The hostnames and wildcards in Bypass proxy settings are applied.
CIDR notations are parsed and matched against the IPv4 address of the hostname.

The Automatic Proxy Configuration using a Proxy Configuration File is currently ignored. </blockquote>

(ok. breath.... computers are life sucking vermin)

Gabriel Reguly comments:

Hi Zoe,

Ok, seems you first need to find the correct FTP address to your site.

Else, does your host provides you with cPanel? That is a good alternative.

Try in your browser.



Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

change the chmod of the folder

Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

change the chmod of the folder


Luis Abarca answers:

First check if directory exists in your server, this is a new installation ??


If not, you should change the route of upload_path in the wp_options table for the real path, something like wp-content/upload

If exists, check the permission, with cyberduck or filezilla, right click (CMD + CLICK) on the folder and check if show 755, if not change it.

You can also create the folder if nox exists and set chmod to 755

On SSH or terminal

> chmod 755 wp-content/media


Mariano Pereyra answers:

Hi Zoe,
both Gabriel's and Luis' answers have guided you in the right direction. It seems based in your answers that you're quite in a learning ride today, hold tight and enjoy the ride :)

Besides what has already said, I'd like to know how you installed WP in the first place. Many hosting companies today offer a "file manager" interface that you can use to achieve what you need to do. When Gabriel speaks about "ftp access" it means that you need to know the ftp address of your site & the user name and password to access
If this seems to be too obscure, I'd rather go the file manager path, might be easier to use.


Abdessamad Idrissi answers:

Hey Zoe,
don't be scared with WordPress and all that technical jargon.. Lets keep it simple :)

* the fisrt thing I noticed is the directory name "media" normally WordPress by default uses a directory named "uploads" to store your uploaded files.. this leads me to ask; where did you download this wordpress installation?
* Where/when do you get this error? I'mean what page; adding an image to an article?

For the FTP details you got them normally by email from the hosting company where you registered your domain with.

zoe hawk comments:

thank you, everyone, for not ridiculing me and being patient and supportive.

And the answer to everyone's question of how did I get in this position in the first place?

Someone else started this site, I am merely the lackey writing clear and simple instructions for the site's content (which I am actually fairly adept). The person who started the site is on a lovely vacation for the next week, and unavailable for answering these sorts of questions.

I have definitely uploaded .png screenshots to posts before, with effortless success. But not from my mac... and months ago, maybe before I upgraded... who knows...?

I don't want to lead all of you fabulous experts on with a mere $10 prize. (I've not felt this popular since New Year's Eve, 1994 Antigua) I am going to see if Gabriel can guide me towards success.

sincerely, thank you,


Abdessamad Idrissi comments:

you are welcome :)


Grégory Viguier answers:

Hi there.

Zoe, you are in good hands with all these people helping you :)

If your website address is (the period after "blog" is important), try this ftp address :
I hope this one is the good one.
I let the others handle this, they answered before me ;)

Good luck.