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update_welcome_user_subject() filter WordPress


Please can someone help me write a filter for update_welcome_user_subject()

What I have currently is:

function custom_welcome_user_subject( $subject ) {
$subject = sprintf(
__( 'Login information [%2$s]' ),

return $subject;
add_filter( 'update_welcome_user_subject', 'custom_welcome_user_subject', 11, 1 );

This code is passing "Login information []", but not the username. I do not appear to have access to the $user variable.

The relevant code in core is found in wp-includes/ms-functions.php line 1576

Please can someone fix my filter so the username is passed in the subject line.

Many thanks

Answers (2)


Reigel Gallarde answers:

$current_user = wp_get_current_user();

then you can access user login like this...


designbuildtest comments:

Hi Reigel, your suggestion does not work I'm afraid.

Reigel Gallarde comments:

I see.... try this...

function custom_welcome_user_subject( $subject ) {

$_subject = str_replace('New','',$subject);
$_subject = explode('User:',$_subject);

$subject = sprintf( __( 'Login information [%2$s]' ), $_subject[0], $_subject[1] );

return $subject;


designbuildtest comments:

Thanks Reigel, that works. Any idea why I can't access the $user variable in my original code?


timDesain Nanang answers:

You can try something like:

function custom_welcome_user_subject( $subject ) {
$new_sbj = explode(': ', $subject);
$subject = 'Login information ['.$new_sbj[1].']';

return $subject;
add_filter( 'update_welcome_user_subject', 'custom_welcome_user_subject', 11, 1 );

designbuildtest comments:

Many thanks - works like a charm. Is similar to Reigel's suggestion above but a little more concise.

Do you have any idea why I can't access the $user variable in my original code?

Thanks again

timDesain Nanang comments:

i see, but we don't copied each other (at 1:20am).

line: 1576
$subject = apply_filters( 'update_welcome_user_subject', sprintf( __( 'New %1$s User: %2$s' ), $current_site->site_name, $user->user_login) );

this filter doesn't have variable that passed to the filter functions.
we can just manipulate the output ($subject) string.


designbuildtest comments:

Many thanks. Your explanation helps me understand why my original code wasn't working :-)

Don't worry, I never thought the two answers were copied. I'm closing the question now and splitting the prize award 50/50.

Thanks again for your help.