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unique URL for emailing a download link w/ expiration date WordPress


Can someone show me how to or suggest a plugin to make my download link a unique URL for each buyer and also set an expiration date to each URL? What I want to do is similar to the "PluginBuddy S3 URLs plugin" but that's only if I'm hosting my download on Amazon, which I'm not...

Answers (3)


Plugarized answers:

Are you willing to pay for a premium plugin?

Louis Gubitosi comments:

sure, if it works and does what I'm looking to do!

Plugarized comments:

The following premium plugin allows remote downloads links apparently

<blockquote>Download method is the method that the plugin will use to serve the download to the user. The default method, WordPress Remote (Default), will work for most circumstances. Chances are, you don’t need to worry about this.</blockquote>

Here are the instructions

The plugin costs $20 dollars and you receive free lifetime upgrades.

Plugarized comments:

I can confirm that this plugin allows remote downloads, it encrypts the url of the remote download and it also sets expiry date please check the attached image and also check the guides urls i posted on my previous message