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text-decoration: none; fails WordPress


I'm being driven mad by links in a blog that I'm designing. I've placed in the CSS text-decoration: none; for anything that could possibly take on an underline, even adding !important in desperation:

a {text-decoration:none !important;}

The H1's and H2's have underlines also, despite:

h1 a {color: #443833; background-image:none; text-decoration:none !important;}

Nothing works, and the blog titles as well as all links are underlined. Here's the site, in-progress, if that helps:

[[LINK href=""]]MotionArt[[/LINK]]

Answers (4)


Utkarsh Kukreti answers:

Remove the
border-bottom: 1px solid #3E322D
from line 136.


Tony Geer answers:

Just try doing border:0 instead and see what happens. It could be a border in the a link instead of an underline.


Iron Hide answers:

In your style.css on line 136 there is a statement like this

a {
border-bottom:1px solid #3E322D;
text-decoration:none !important;

remove the first line from here which says "border-bottom:1px solid #3E322D;" and you are good to go :)

and please use "!important" carefully because that may create unexpected bugs later which are very hard to find or shoot :)

hope that helps.


Sidd answers:

Oh people have already correctly answered. Basically that underline is actually a border originating from the border-bottom property and is not an underline .
Delete <strong><em>border-bottom:1px solid #3E322D;</em></strong> in the following code


border-bottom:1px solid #3E322D;


text-decoration:none !important;