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site hosted locally. Problem transfering it my DB got damaged. WordPress

I need help.
I had a local hosted WP site. WHen I was moving the DB (exporting/importing) somewhere in the middle it got damaged and now I cant access my old local site. Please help

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Joshua Nelson answers:

You'll have to access your phpMyAdmin through your host, and export the database entirely. Then, create a new WordPress installation on a subdomain ( and a new, separate database. Once that new WordPress install is running, import the old database via phpMyAdmin. Use [[LINK href=""]]this tool[[/LINK]] to search and place the old domain name and the new one.

Here are some great instructions on migrating a WordPres installation: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]].

If you do all that and the new installation with the imported database still fails you might need more specialized assistance.

cgscheer comments:

Can you help me.
I do have access but Im a big mess with this.
I have access but when I do a new dB and upload the old one the site goes blank.

Also, The old one doesnt open anymore to do any changes

Joshua Nelson comments:

I can help you, sure. Direct message me the site and login info and I'll see if I can figure it out. Did you originally use the WordPress built-in import/export functions or were you importing/exporting the .sql file from phpMyAdmin?

Joshua Nelson comments:

I will be offline for probably the next hour, but can look at it after that - if it is straight forward enough it shouln't take too long. If it isn't straight-forward we'll have to adjust our plan.

cgscheer comments:

ok. The site is:
login: jorge
pass: password

please let communicate via email.

[email protected]

Many thanks.... this is a critical issue I need to fix.
Thank you

Joshua Nelson comments:

Okay, I think I see the issue. I sent you two emails with instructions, hopefully we can figure it out from there.


Hariprasad Vijayan answers:


Can you please tell what kind of error that you are getting while accessing old site. Normally exporting the database will not affect original.


Abdelhadi Touil answers:

Try to use this tool, it's very good:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

For the broken blog, have tried to repear the database via phpMyadmin?


Sabby Sam answers:

The simple instruction is :
Open your phpmyadmin download the your database file.

Open it with notepad.exe

Go to Edit -> Replace
(cntrl + h )

Type Find what -> localhost:8888

Replace with ->

click on replace all.
Once done this option, re-upload all your modified file to PHPMyadmin.

It should work 100%. What you have done is you worked on your localhost so localhost doesn't have main domain. You need to change the exact url.
Hope this will work for you.