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remove home, rss, sign up pages from site... WordPress


Need home, rss, sign up pages, removed from site, and extansous stuff on footer....

Answers (2)


enodekciw answers:

to remove those links in header, just remove #access block in your header.php file.
whats up with footer?

btw, feel free to contact me - [email protected] - gonna be glad to help u! ;)


Eddie Moya answers:

I take your question to be on removing "home page", "rss feeds", and "sign up" page from your site. Is that correct or have I misunderstood. You can change the home page to something else by going to Settings > Reading, then selecting something else from the Front Page dropdown.

To disable RSS feeds (if that is at all what you meant) you can use a plugin like this:

I am not sure what the "sign up" page is, however if it is a "Page" in the wordpress sense (meaning you can find it by looking through "Pages" area in the admin area) then you could simply delete it. However I would expect it to not be that simple. I would need to know more about the theme and know more or less how this page is being generated.