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question about multisite and domain name WordPress

I use a multiste wp.

I buy 3 domains :

in my network of sites, i create many sites.
I use the mapping domain name.
In my network, i manage my 3 domaines :

Is it possible to have, in this wp multisite, this url for my sites ?

if it's possible, how is it possible ? :-)

Answers (5)


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:


I have used this plugin to enable more sites with different domain, but using the main domain with subdirectories.

I haven't used before the other option, creating directories in the secondary domains.

Francisco Javier Carazo Gil comments:

Maybe a network of networks:


idt answers:


You may take a look at this plugin: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

From the screenshot it seems like what you want to achieve though it's in the form of sub-domain.


Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

I know to create a network and use the mapping domain name.
My question is : is it possible to manage in a same network this domain name :

does it make sense for you ?

idt comments:

If you take a look at the description and screenshot for that plugin, you'll see that there are multiple domains on that single multiste installation. And I suppose you can assign any blog to be a subdomain/folder to either domain you've setup for that single wordpress multisite installation.

Using that plugin will make what you want to achieve possible.

Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

oh yes, it's probably a solution :-)


juaribd answers:

Use : define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true); in wp-config.php and while installing network , enable SUB-DIRECTORIES in option. Please check the image attached.

Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

I know to create a network and use the mapping domain name.
My question is : is it possible to manage in a same network this domain name :

does it make sense for you ?


jazbek answers:

I have done this exact setup before. The best way to do it is to use the plugin:

After you have converted to multisite, in your wp-config.php, enter this:

define( 'SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL', false );

This will make it possible to create separate sites in each network using subdirectories. So here is what you will have:

Network 1: Cars
Site 1: (root site for the Cars network)
Site 2:
Site 3:

Network 2: House
Site 4: (root site for the House network)
Site 5:
Site 6:


Please let me know if you have any questions I can answer, I am very familiar with this setup.

Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

that seems to be a good solution !
Maybe i will send you a message about that :-)


yambem answers:

Hello Sebastien,

In my approach you can achieve the solution in the following way:

At first, let's suppose you have wp-multisite network with
main domain: and you have other subdomain site

Now you know how to map your main domains to the network: ->>>

I feel that you had the idea upto this point. Next step will be as follows:

Step-1. Create subdomain of as
Step-2. Now in your DNS zone create "A" record of "" pointing to ""

Repeat the above process for every subdomain you want and point the A record to subsequent
wordpress network:, on.

In this way when you access, you'll get the site at

If you find any difficulty in setting up the steps I have mentioned, just follow up with
your problem.

Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

it's a solution :-)
but i search a handly solution for my client = simple settings in the backoffice of wordpress

yambem comments:

Hello Sebastien,

For this kind of solution you'll be always required to have changes in the DNS setting.
Just making the setting in the backoffice of the wordpress can't make it.

Otherwise you can just setup 3 wordpress multisite for each main domain name:,, In this case you should have 3 admin backoffice.

These are the only two options you have for the solution you required

Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

you're right, i understand.
But with your process, i need to change dns for each site I create.
With plugins, it seems I managed the dns settings just for the main sites.