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Solved WordPress Questions

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Custom Polylang function: Batch duplicate existing posts across languages $50 2017-07-22
Link to image in different folder (php + Meta slider and Carousel with Lightbox) $30 2017-07-20
How to limit the number of top level menu items in the admin/ backend area of WordPress $15 2017-07-13
Pagination broken on CPT Archive due to very specific rewrite rules $20 2017-07-09
How do I replace a static picture with a video? $25 2017-07-05
Gravity form mapping custom field type [Tribe events] $50 2017-07-04
Warning: Creating default object from empty value in [...]/wp-content/themes/sakura/functions.php on line 802 $10 2017-06-30
another problem with userpro plugin... conflict bbpress now $25 2017-06-24
multisite - regstration for one site = access for one site only $25 2017-06-23
How to Protect Uploads, if User is not Logged In ? $40 2017-06-17
Displaying Thumbnails of child-categories on parent-category page $15 2017-06-16
Get Thumbnail of Private Vimeo Videos $10 2017-06-08
Gravity form - populate drop down select based on page URL $20 2017-06-05
edit this plugin to allow for never ending comment editing $5 2017-05-25
Frontend posting with thumbnail with AJAX $5 2017-05-20
CSS styling of radio buttons $5 2017-05-10
Grouped taxonomy term query while excluding empty groups $25 2017-05-07
Show discounted price when using coupon link on product page $10 2017-05-04
Need to modify Yoast SEO breadcrumbs output $15 2017-04-27
Creating an App for Wordpress eLearning Site $10 2017-04-23
I need help in implementing this bit of code $9 2017-04-14
Host all media library images externally $10 2017-04-10
Remove SRCSET from FV Gravatar Cache $10 2017-04-09
Save canvas in wp-upload $50 2017-04-08
Unable to get Google maps working in Geo Mashup $10 2017-04-02