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Solved WordPress Questions

Question Prize Ended At
Modify custom menu function for automatic hierarchy and exclusion of empty product categories (WooCommerce) $15 2017-10-28
Warning errors showing on my website. HELP! $5 2017-10-23
CSS > Need Help for my Form $5 2017-10-08
equal sign in Wordpress URL $25 2017-10-07
Adding an image to the background of a post or page. $25 2017-10-06
canvas save in WP post $25 2017-10-05
files in a FTP folder downloadable for connected users only $25 2017-10-05
Empty Cart $5 2017-09-30
Visual Composer: Post grid element and output HTML $5 2017-09-27
Get Jump link to work $5 2017-09-23
CPT to admin just ONE page $10 2017-09-20
How to filter users by taxonomy? $20 2017-09-15
WooCommerce/COGS Addon/Affiliates Pro (itthinx) commission question $10 2017-09-15
White screen when trying to login wp panel? $5 2017-09-08
Put images to site's gallery automatically by custom field (php + Meta Slider and Carousel with Lightbox Pro) $35 2017-09-06
Ajax Load template part $65 2017-09-01
WooCommerce: How to hide content if product is not visible? $20 2017-08-31
CSS for alert boxes only works on desktop $8 2017-08-31
wplistingspro theme limitations $45 2017-07-30
WpListings Pro theme edit listing goes to 404 page $10 2017-07-27
WpListings Pro theme login issue needs to be resolved $30 2017-07-26
WooCommerce + Amazon S3 using website bandwidth $10 2017-07-24
Custom Polylang function: Batch duplicate existing posts across languages $50 2017-07-22
Link to image in different folder (php + Meta slider and Carousel with Lightbox) $30 2017-07-20
How to limit the number of top level menu items in the admin/ backend area of WordPress $15 2017-07-13