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Solved WordPress Questions

Question Prize Ended At
Adding info from Buddypress xprofile fields under profile picture $20 2014-08-04
ACF if statement $5 2014-08-04
Missing Language phrase(buddypress) $20 2014-08-04
One page hash tag url change on section $25 2014-08-03
Looking for an existing Social Media Like and Share plugin $15 2014-08-03
Adding a Wall with latest uploads $95 2014-08-03
Setting up Linked List Plugin template files for a theme $5 2014-08-03
Buddypress Social Profile $10 2014-07-26
Woocommerce add additional quantity button shift position $5 2014-07-25
Is the overlay of the pics on this site a plugin or css modified? $1 2014-07-24
Custom function won't work in JS but human_time_diff() will $10 2014-07-23
Email parameter in URL inside Frame (WP) $10 2014-07-22
Pre-populate a hierarchical taxonomy - upto four levels $10 2014-07-21
Why are my CPT post not showing up in ANY archive? $10 2014-07-21
CPT slug crashing my template because it has the word 'for' in it $1 2014-07-21
Remove redundant woocommerce product images $5 2014-07-20
Calendar Widget Link Not Working $5 2014-07-20
Deprecation $10 2014-07-20
Multisite with a shared custom post type, retaining the site URL $25 2014-07-19
WP site solution to sell one product $1 2014-07-18
Expanding Header section $1 2014-07-16
Adding Thumbnails to lightbox for rtmedia plugin (higher the pot if this is fixed soon as possible!) $50 2014-07-15
Print All Custom Post Type Button $30 2014-07-13
Fullscreen lighbox on rtmedia plugin (Will increase the pot if this is fixed soon) $30 2014-07-12
display only if the post has more than 1 image attached to it $5 2014-07-12