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Solved WordPress Questions

Question Prize Ended At
Hide Initial Woocommerce Product Image $10 2018-07-27
Set default colors for Elementor page builder once my custom plugin is activated $5 2018-07-25
Geo-mashup errors on error_log $15 2018-07-15
WP DB issue, Wordpress Page templates not loading after CPT post import. $15 2018-07-13
Add custom fields to my woocommerce completed email $5 2018-06-26
Calculate vacant shift total $25 2018-06-16
Plugin for survey that shows graph as a result $20 2018-06-09
Add custom fields to my woocommerce completed email $15 2018-06-07
Make multiple API calls and get result to show on a special page $20 2018-06-05
Need to add retina ready icon for plugin $25 2018-05-24
Total hours within range $20 2018-05-20
Walk array calculate shift $70 2018-05-16
Chat Web App using WordPress $5 2018-05-06
Show different content based on user country location $5 2018-05-02
Formidable Form Experts Required (Copying Field Value Conditionally) $10 2018-04-25
How to email the same page's content at regular intervals, automatically? $25 2018-04-24
Portfolio in alpha order in wp-admin but does not upload to web page $25 2018-04-23
Force DIV refresh upon coupon X application / removal $5 2018-04-23
Formidable Form Copying Repeater Sections Values to Another Repeater Section Fields. $20 2018-04-23
Page Animations $50 2018-04-21
Custom Logo for Different WooCommerce Categories $5 2018-04-12
Find duplicate posts using meta data $20 2018-04-10
HelpScout Docs API -> WordPress posts? $75 2018-03-29
Plugin (?) issues after hosting migration. 500 error, cannot get on site or wp-admin. $50 2018-03-21
Plugin User Role Level Error $75 2018-03-16