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Solved WordPress Questions

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Warning: An unexpected error has occurred (NdR): Urgent: need to fix this error now.) $25 2018-02-13
Page content in ACF Flexible Content loop $10 2018-02-10
Add menu to Genesis child theme $20 2018-02-10
Load more button AJAX $20 2018-02-09
good practices about plugins devlopment $25 2018-02-02
Quote Needed for Theme Customization $5 2018-01-25
Geo Mashup - Customize Nearby List Template $25 2018-01-22
Gravity forms Facebook pixel advanced matching $15 2018-01-16
Gravity Forms CSS code $10 2018-01-10
stock of a product - woocommerce from prestashop $15 2017-12-17
woocommerce check out field fix, conditional eu vat number and stop rendering op address fields on country change. $20 2017-12-11
Show only first category name in RSS post $7 2017-12-06
Best plugin/theme for a reverse fiverr website? $20 2017-11-30
I need to retrieve the content of a db. I have access to the bakoffice $20 2017-11-25
Can't upload wp images due problems with temporary map. $5 2017-11-16
Isotope.js - Load Custom Post Types with AJAX. $20 2017-11-10
I have to change thumbnail dimensions or select different thumbnails $5 2017-11-10
Zip Code Search - WP Geo Mashup $40 2017-11-02
Display Posts sorted by child category grouped by parent category $40 2017-10-30
Modify custom menu function for automatic hierarchy and exclusion of empty product categories (WooCommerce) $15 2017-10-28
Warning errors showing on my website. HELP! $5 2017-10-23
CSS > Need Help for my Form $5 2017-10-08
equal sign in Wordpress URL $25 2017-10-07
Adding an image to the background of a post or page. $25 2017-10-06
canvas save in WP post $25 2017-10-05