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Solved WordPress Questions

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ACF: How to programmatically Update Flexible Content Field? $20 2020-10-09
I have a weird menu at the top of one of my pages. (PICTURE ATTACHED) Please Help!!!!! $5 2020-09-22
There are no options in my dashboard on the left where the pages and p $5 2020-08-20
Permalink External Images. $10 2020-08-07
Extent the_post_thumbnail() function with a third parameter $35 2020-07-01
Load plugin only on woocommerce product pages $20 2020-06-20
Merging post data from post ID on edit screen $25 2020-06-14
pagination with wp-pagenavi for a grid of posts in a page $5 2020-05-26
The little little question... where is the url of the taxo... ? $5 2020-05-24
sticky post / pagination $20 2020-05-22
Backoffice - Gutenberg blocks displayed by default, non-removable, non-movable $30 2020-05-20
Grab Last Attachment Image instead of First & Fix OG: Placement $10 2020-05-19
Woocommerce Subscriptions/Membership Plugin $15 2020-05-18
customize Walker_Nav_Menu $20 2020-05-18
Need to display newest image attachment as featured image $10 2020-05-18
auto insert date and time (string) into comment_content $5 2020-05-17
I want to be able to submit a comment with a random 20 digit number auto inserted. $5 2020-05-17
Style the_excerpt if exists hide if not $10 2020-05-12
What can I do to have the elements on my homepage line up (e.g., the h $20 2020-05-08
Display custom fields in woocommerce order completed email $25 2020-04-28
I am getting a "nothing found for wp-admin/update-core.php" when i try $20 2020-04-20
Formidable Form Auto Populate Multiple Rows in Repeater Field. $10 2020-04-19
save pos, trigger action and jquery. $25 2020-04-13
Scraping data to custom post type. Works, but I need one more item. $50 2020-03-17
List by first name and not ID $10 2020-03-17