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Solved WordPress Questions

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display image captions, descriptions and additional media fields $25 2015-09-05
Filtering by Two Meta_Keys $5 2015-09-04
My front end form isn't inserting a value for an ACF field $20 2015-08-31
I need to tell an ACF checkbox array not to error when empty $10 2015-08-29
Need help displaying posts based on an ACF field (New Question) $25 2015-08-29
Need to show custom post type based on check box $10 2015-08-29
Need if then help in loop $15 2015-08-28
ACF array quit working on new server $25 2015-08-28
Need complicated if then scenario help $30 2015-08-27
Need to know how to include permalink $10 2015-08-25
Need to hide admin menu item except for certain user $10 2015-08-24
Remove header or styling from specific category of posts? $5 2015-08-24
Show number of new posts since last visit based on cookie $20 2015-08-24
Copy text into textarea on page load $15 2015-08-20
Add heading under image using CSS $10 2015-08-17
Convert Select form field to Checkbox $10 2015-08-16
Fullscreen Menu Link Issue $5 2015-08-14
Comments button breaks the infinite scroll plugin? $1 2015-08-14
How would you build this with wordpress? $15 2015-08-13
Auto add size attributes to images $15 2015-08-13
Custom Page Template needs editing $15 2015-08-12
exclude category from custom 'prev-next navigation' not working $5 2015-08-08
Buddypress add custom unordered list item in menu $20 2015-08-07
Gravity Forms + Carry Stored Meta Value To Dropdown Field $50 2015-08-07
Custom Archive Pages with Genesis $15 2015-08-06