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Solved WordPress Questions

Question Prize Ended At
Drop down menu hover is too low $10 2016-03-10
I want to show ACF image field pulling ID info $10 2016-03-09
align nav to bottom? $5 2016-03-07
404 when page sits inside custom post type slug $10 2016-03-07
Close menu by clicking outside it $10 2016-03-05
X Theme drop down menu auto-opens $15 2016-03-01
Group post by year and then sort alphabetically $25 2016-02-28
Styling issue on Language Select Box $5 2016-02-27
Haversign query sort by distance $25 2016-02-27
Loop into Sub Categories and show all posts $10 2016-02-26
Replace shortcode with custom field content on all posts? $20 2016-02-26
Select2 to open hyperlink from get_term_link $15 2016-02-22
Different Menus for different pages $30 2016-02-17
Need to center a navigation $20 2016-02-15
Limit output of ACF post object to user_id in user-edit.php $15 2016-02-15
how to display one portfolio set on a page. $25 2016-02-09
Missing fontello icons font $10 2016-02-06
Expire Posts based on User Role $15 2016-02-04
How to remove characters in front-end-form (preg_replace) $5 2016-02-03
Process MailChimp Feed on Gravity Forms Update. $30 2016-02-02
Print Date in text format after picking from Grav Form datepicker $20 2016-01-31
Get Post ID after frontend post submit and page redirection $5 2016-01-29
Automatically remove spaces from email field $20 2016-01-26
Pagination fix after dropdown filter on Custom Taxonomy Archive $50 2016-01-25
function to allow the option of no text in comment textarea $5 2016-01-25