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Solved WordPress Questions

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Set Global Background Image for Site Using Visual Composer $5 2015-12-04
WP estore not charging shipping or tax $10 2015-12-04
Best Interactive WORLD map for Wordpress $10 2015-12-04
Set conditional on add_action $5 2015-12-03
WP_List_Table to Array then to CSV, Datetime field not exporting $5 2015-12-03
Error_log grows to maximum size in minutes $20 2015-12-02
Wpml language selector dropdown disappear under the menu $10 2015-11-30
Remove duplicates from ACF query $10 2015-11-30
Display post count next to category in custom menu $20 2015-11-28
override theme css with woocommerce css $20 2015-11-25
Customize Open Graph tags on paginated posts/pages $15 2015-11-22
Fix a little php/script $25 2015-11-20
Retrieve meta-key value of array and use it in shortocde $15 2015-11-13
Stop navwalker displaying grandchild links automatically $20 2015-11-13
im using gravity fields + custom post types Url>iD $10 2015-11-12
Help with Magic Door Script $25 2015-11-09
Woocommerce, Payment gateway function not running on checkout $10 2015-11-05
Can you help fix gform_populate_post using ajax return? $20 2015-10-28
gform_post_render and populate_post with ajax request $50 2015-10-27
WooCommerce Conditional Custom Fields if Product Category in Cart $25 2015-10-26
How can I make this CONDITIONAL $25 2015-10-23
Single CPT template with post nav & counter within children $30 2015-10-22
Always add caption element to images even if caption is empty? $15 2015-10-20
Need Ajax/Javascript popup off of ACF field $30 2015-10-18
Get online a old wordpress web-site to new domain $15 2015-10-16