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Solved WordPress Questions

Question Prize Ended At
Editing a site in a subdomain $10 2019-07-11
Upgrade to Newest Events Calendar plugin causing issues $30 2019-07-08
Fix undefined Call error Wordpress Theme $10 2019-07-01
Limit get fields to slug, name and count $5 2019-06-16
Show categories that post is in, but exclude 1 category from list. $5 2019-06-12
Upload HTML5 Canvas to Wordpress using ajax $65 2019-06-08
Populate a gravityform dropdown based on date dropdown $25 2019-06-03
Duplicate this UI tabs for me $10 2019-06-02
geo mashup multiple category map pins $5 2019-05-24
Get array key dynamically $5 2019-05-20
Help Upgrading Wordpress to 5.2 - custom functionality preventing upgrade $50 2019-05-19
Count # of instances & rows in ACF Nested Repeater $25 2019-05-15
Display shortcode over image thumbnail woocommerce $10 2019-05-13
Auto-generate coupons for affiliates? (AffiliateWP) $10 2019-04-17
Need PHP-FPM 7.3 help with nginx and debian 9 $25 2019-04-12
I am using the advanced custom fields plugin. I have two repeater fiel $10 2019-04-12
Need to create archive pages for all combinations of product attribute "collection" and product tags $5 2019-03-21
Looking for some help with order management. I sell print work, today $10 2019-03-14
Why is my homepage redirecting to an old blog entry? $15 2019-03-11
I am trying to get rid of the purple search button... See attached. Th $25 2019-02-22
WooCommerce custom product categories hierarchical menu code $30 2019-02-21
I am revamping my web site (wordpress, woocommerce, storefront theme) $25 2019-02-15
Masonry code, CSS $10 2019-02-12
ACF Conditional display of a custom taxonomy based according to user (when creating/editing a post) $15 2019-01-30
Sell event tickets from website? I need a quick & easy solution (plugi $5 2019-01-20