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post__in() array as argument isn't formatted right WordPress


I'm building a WP_Query with the following $args:

$args = array(
'post__in' => array (5, 6, 7),
'post_type' => 'listing',
'post_status' => 'publish'

$loop = new WP_Query( $args );


Here the 'post__in' has hard coded values in the array. This works fine. But in reality, this list of numbers comes from $_POST

For example, the $_POST['ids'] value is "5, 6, 7".

If my arg is:

'post__in' => array($_POST['ids'])

The array becomes associative, for example:

array([0]=>5 [1]=>6 [2]=>7)

For some reason my app doesn't like this kind of array. It will ONLY work if the array is in the format like: array (5, 6, 7)

I can't figure out how to force the array to be in this simple kind of format.


NOTE: in normal circumstances I can pass an array just fine in the format of array([0]=>5 [1]=>6 [2]=>7), but in this particular case the $args are getting made in AJAX code. (infinite scrolling of WP post results). Again, if the array is hard coded with comma delimited numbers it works fine.

Answers (1)


dimadin answers:

Try this:

'post__in' => array_map( 'absint', array_values( $_POST['ids'] ) )

Note that you should in any case sanitize input value before querying database with it.

John Buchmann comments:

Thanks for your fast response. But it didn't work....

... that said strangely when I print_r this:

print_r (array($_POST['ids']));

I now get an array like this:

Array ( [0] => 5, 6, 7 )

I'm not sure how before I was getting the different style of array. Anyway, assuming this is what get's output, how to get it in a format like this?

array(5, 6, 7)


dimadin comments:

Could you please var_dump value of $_POST['ids'] without any change, like var_dump( $_POST['ids'] )? It looks like this is a string and explode should be used, we just need to know delimiters, something like:

'post__in' => array_map( 'absint', array_values( explode( ', ', $_POST['ids'] ) ) )

John Buchmann comments:

That code works, thanks so much!!!

Note that if I do this:

print_r (array_map( 'absint', array_values( explode( ', ', $_POST['ids'] ) ) ));

it outputs the array in the "bad" way. But somehow I'm getting the correct output in the WP loop. Strange. Thanks so much!!

John Buchmann comments:

I just awarded you, thx again! And thx for reminder of sanitizing the querystring! :)