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plug in modification or combination WordPress


The site owner wants to be able to schedule appointments on her site. She feels appointy is too complex and doesn't want to pay for an outside service or juggle multiple plugins/services.

I found the Appointment Schedules plug in does most of what she needs and is very easy to use. [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

The only thing it lacks is a <strong>calendar view.</strong>

The way I envision it working is:
<blockquote>1. have a calandar visible all the time.

2. Below that will be a link to "schedule an appointment" which will actually be a log in/register link.

3. Once registered/logged in the visitor will be able to see the appointment schedules functions and can thus book their appointment below the calendar. </blockquote>

This job will be to incorporate a calendar view in the page either either by modifying the "appointment Schedules" plug in, ... or combining it with an existing calendar plugin.

I know this may not be the clearest explanation so feel free to ask questions.

Answers (2)


Nick Parsons answers:

Hey Borzoid,

I think I've got it figured out! The attached zip contains everything you'll need. Put wp-appointments-scheduler.php in the main wp-appointments plugin directory (plugins/wp-appointments-schedules), and then put the images folder, the css file, and the js file inside wp-appointments-schedules/js

The calendar is created using the jQuery datepicker widget, so you can easily reskin it if need to change the appearance of the calendar (I picked the Smoothness skin just because it's nice-looking and neutral).

No problem, try this modified version of the plugin file.

Connie Taylor comments:

Oh I love this site - you guys are amazing. Thank you very much and have a wonderful holiday.

Connie Taylor comments:

Hi Nick - one small question on this to make it perfect. Have been experimenting with different set ups to make this as easy to use as possible for the site owner.

If there are more than one schedule being shown on the page (for example "mary's schedule" and "Susan's schedule") and the user is not logged in, then the "schedule an appointment" link that goes to user log in appears twice like this "Schedule an AppoinmentSchedule an Appointment" basically once for each schedule.

Is there a way to prevent this and show the link only once?

Thank you again

Connie Taylor comments:

Thanks for this - it still shows it twice - just with a line break inbetween. However I think I know the fix for this - since it is using shortags on a "page" that will have text content as well. Possibly a statement at the beginning of the plugin to only show it "if the user is logged in" - else just show the log in link. I may be able to do this part myself. Will post if I need help.

Thanks again


Tobias Nyholm answers:

I've got an almost complete booking system where the site owner can add meetings and the visitor can sing up for those meetings.
My plugin is not jet general but if you have some programming skills you may configure it yourself. Send me a message if you what to have a look and/or if no one else if giving you a better answer.