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php prints to page(HTML) only in Internet Explorer WordPress


if you view this domain in IE 7 or 8 (I'm on os 10.6, VMWare Fusion, Windows Vista), the page titles print to HTML.

in modern browsers, it does not.

why is this happening? how can i fix it?

i'm using Chris Coyier's Blank Theme.


Answers (2)


Dan | gteh answers:

Seems you have a syntax error when generating your <title> </title> tags

When I view source, it looks like

- From Paper to Pixels </title>

and the < /title> is not being closed off properly.

Can you post the PHP code for your title tags?


juan manuel incaurgarat answers:

can u please submit your php code for that printing?

echoing text in php is very simple

<?php echo "some text"; ?>

<?php echo $variable; ?>

or use print

<?php print ("some text"); ?>

<?php print ($variable); ?>

i think that its probably printing an html tag within another