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need urgent help with html2pdf and tcpdf WordPress


I am using html2pdf ( )
which is a wraper for tcpdf.

To generate a pdf from wordpress, I have a ton of bugs and I am in a hurry, anybody worked with html2pdf and would be up to having a look at the code?
html2pdf is very poorly documented and I am having the worst time with that.

I feel like this question worst more then 100$ so I am putting the price to 1$, Please name your price by pm or here in the comments.

Answers (2)


John Cotton answers:


I've used both libraries - what's the problem?

l.pirondini comments:

hi John,

I have a ton of problem with those two actualy starting with an error on adobe acrobat about the font object not being correct. also internal link does not work when i have <a href="#index1-1">link</a> it dosen't jump to the #index1-1 page (the page have a bookmark set up and a destination name of "index1-1" )

Also the render of css is really hard to get right, give me your skype If you want to have a look.


Firoja_Imtosupport answers:


Is your issue resolved, Else i can help you.