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my 3D slider doesnt work WordPress


my site use sansation theme, but the 3D slider doesnt work

please help me


Answers (4)


Jermaine Oppong answers:

Did you chosen the images to include in the slider? From scanning the code, it seems that the image source simply links to the uploads folder on your server but there are no images specified. Look at the theme instructions properly and try again.

Actually why don't you [[LINK href=""]]contact the author[[/LINK]]?. I'm sure he should be able to help you.

In fact also try logging into your admin and click on the 'Sansation' menu below. It should say 'Sansation Settings' as the title of the page youre on. Scroll down to the 'Homepage 3D Images' tab and specify what you want to use from there. If youre still getting problems try and reset to defaults and try again.

nathalia comments:

already contact the author, but he didnt know the problem


Nilesh shiragave answers:

there are jquery errors which are causing slider not working. Check with theme author as you purchased this theme there is support available.


Ali Hussain answers:

One way to check whether the slider is working or not isto Disable all your plugins and check if the slider works or not.


Noel Jarencio answers:

There is an error in file javascripts/core/webforms/webform-out.js in line 583.
replace this code wfs.otherfnc.datamanage( $(this) ); with wfs.otherfnc.datamanage( $webform(this) );

Once you have fixed this then we can trace where the other errors came from.

nathalia comments:

where is the file location?

Noel Jarencio comments:

I can see that the first error I found have been fixed. Now there is another error at line 591 in file
the line 591 that has the code:
var pattern = drI.val().split('-');

replace it with this one:
var pattern = drI.val() != undefined ? drI.val().split('-') : '';