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moving site from one domain to another + new site on original WordPress

Hi, doing a website for a client using wordpress, completed the site then client changed his mind!! basically its a golf academy selling golf packages. The first site I did went more towards the holiday packages side of things, the client has now decided he wants to go more to the golf academy side, as the site was almost complete (just a case of adding the holiday packages) I moved the hole site to another domain and did a new site promoting the academy side, however am finding that the second site is being ignored by google and I think its is also affecting the original site in the rankings, have done a load of 301 redirects from the original site to the new one for pages that no longer exist, and have deleted any duplicate content to try and get the sites as separate entities. However have now picked up several other jobs and am getting behind because of the redesign and separation. Need someone to look at the two sites and do the nessesary redirects and advise to basically make sure the 2 sites are not affecting each other from a seo point of view. Please quote price.

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