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modify threewp broadcast plugin to include meta and custom tax WordPress


I have a wp multisite subdomain setup where I want to publish articles/custom post-types on a subdomain and have them 'broadcast/republished' to the primary site.

I have found a great plugin for this:
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

The concept of the plugin is simple:
1. a user creates a new post or post-type on a subdomain site.
2. prior to publish, or after the fact, the user checks a box to say 'broadcast' this post to blog 'x'.
3. Behind the scenes the plugin basically creates a copy of the post on the site/sites chosen in step 2.

This plugin works great but needs a few modifications in order to work for me.

<strong>Problem #1</strong>
1. I use the farinspace metaclass in order to add custom metadata to my posts:
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

The threewp broadcast plugin is not 'aware' of this metadata, so when a post is broadcast/copied to the primary site, the metadata values to do carry over with the post.

This means that my theme template files which rely upon receiving the meta values in order to display the information do not work on the primary site. (the data is not copied when a post is broadcast)

On my template file single-sermon.php (sermon custom post-type) I have the following functions in order to display some stuff:

global $sermon_metabox;
$meta = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), $sermon_metabox->get_the_id(), TRUE);
echo $meta['sermon_url'];“,

what is happening is pretty simple:
1. I declare the sermon global
2. I define $meta in order to get the data from the metaboxes
3. I echo out the meta info ‘rtmp_path’, or ‘sermon_url’

Each post type has its own $meta global, sermons are sermon, preachers are preacher, etc…

<strong>What I need:</strong>
1. I need to define the $meta global type for each post-type for use with threewp broadcast. Having threewp automatically pick up the $meta global type added for each post-type would be the best. My users will never know what this means, so it needs to happen behind the scenes.
2. I need to have the meta values transferred over to the blog being broadcasted to. This way the theme templates will just plain work because the post will include the meta values needed to populate.

*The plugin already carries over standard meta information so there is great example code to work from. It simply does not know about the farinspace meta which I use.

<strong>Problem #2</strong>
2. Threewp broadcast carry's over categories and tags when working with a standard post. It does NOT however transfer over custom taxonomies that are applied to the custom post-type.

When you are on a standard post, the threewp broadcast metabox has a checkbox where you can choose to carry over the categories or tags when broadcasting.
[[LINK href=""]]thumbnail[[/LINK]]

I need to have threewp broadcast also check for custom taxonomies registered to the post-type being displayed and add in the checkboxes in order to carry over the custom taxonomy terms to the new post.

In order to do this project correctly it is going to take a bit of work from the person who chooses this project.

1. create a custom post-type
2. create a custom taxonomy belonging to the post-type above
3. install the farinspace plugin and create a few metaboxes for use with the post-type above.
4. create a generic template that displays the new post-type with the metavalues displayed as well as the custom taxonomy terms.
5. in a multisite setup, make sure that when a post is created on a subdomain that it transfers over to the primary site with the new metavalues and taxonomy info transferred over.

<strong>Instead of a lot of back and forth, simply provide me with a modified vs. of the threewp broadcast plugin that I can install which meets the requirements above.</strong>

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