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lightbox problem WordPress



i'm using the wordpress theme goodidea, and i have a problem with my lightbox.
When i click on an item, it opens lightbox, but i only see the small pictures, but not the enlarged ones.
I've put a screenshot in attachment.
Does any one knows what i'm doing wrong?

Thank you

Answers (6)


Christianto answers:

Hi Karina,

This is CSS problem related to element class "pp_hoverContainer" and other element as well on lightbox popup.
Your theme are defining background-color: white to almost element, so div class "pp_hoverContainer" that should be transparent is also effected by it.

You can add this code to fix it on your style.css

open file style.css on wp-content/themes/goodidea/style.css with notepad++ or other text editor, and put the code at very bottom of content.

.pp_pic_holder, .pp_default, .ppt, .pp_top, .pp_bottom, .pp_content_container, .pp_hoverContainer, .pp_gallery{
background-color: transparent!important;

Hope this help..


Christianto comments:

I've edited my answer above to make other element transparent too, You can see it works for me, please see the attachment image below...