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jQuery toggle menu WordPress


I want to build similar jQuery toggle menu like this website,


Is it possible to style this "Slicknav plugin" to get same look and feel (nice transititon)?

Here is a fiddle,

I also want the toggle menu to show in 940px widht (full widht).

Or is there any other easy solution to get that type of menu?

Answers (1)


zebra webdesigns answers:

Hello Manny slicknav itself comes with jquery UI effects which you can use.
Please refer the following jsfiddle

zebra webdesigns comments:

The method motoboy using is css transition which can be achieved by manual coding.
a jquery toggle class binding to menu on click

zebra webdesigns comments:

Hello Manny here is the exact code you wanted.
I could not code it completely since it will need more effort than the moeny you have alloted for the question
If you need I can code it separately for you.

Here is the final version

Have a great day mate

Manny comments:

Great, thanx mate!

zebra webdesigns comments:

When you are using the javascript in wordpress replace the $ symbol with jQuery by that way it will use the wordpress default jquery
then it will be

jQuery("#menu-toggle-text").on("click", function(){