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integrate a mapping plugin with my user's address WordPress


I would like to show a map with all my users on it. Something that works the way a store locater works, but instead show the locations of all my wordpress users.

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Kyle answers:

Hi Nancy, Geo My WP offers buddypress support as a clean, robust solution to your project

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

I would be happy to setup, configure, and walk you through everything there


Nancy McNamara comments:


I have already installed Profile Builder and I have a custom post called Facilities. I want a searchable map that shows the locations of the users and the facilities.

With your proposed solution, where does the map plugin obtain the addresses it uses to create the map? Is the data duplicated in a separate map DB? If so, then is the map DB amended when a user (or facility) updates his/her address? Similarly, if a user (or facility) is deleted, will the map-data be deleted?

[email protected]


MJ answers:

If you don't have buddypress, this plugin looks like it will do what you need on a Google Map:

MJ comments:

Just installed User Map and it's working for me (

Another plugin you could try is Visitor Maps This one is working for me too, and it's by the author of FS Contact Form who's more well known.


Glenn Tate answers:

Don't bother with

I just spent 30 minutes installing it and it does not work! Also the support forum is not very responsive.

EDIT: I think it adds city and country fields to the Users profile which makes it useless for adding existing members. I guess you could have them edit their profiles over time.


Dylan Kuhn answers:

[[LINK href=""]]Geo Mashup[[/LINK]] may be worth a try. In the settings you'd check off Users and Facilities in "Collect Location For", which would enable an interface for saving location for each of those. Shortcodes for mapping each would be:

[geo_mashup_map object_name="user" map_content="global"] and [geo_mashup_map map_post_type="facility" map_content="global"]

You'd probably need a bit of customization to get the geo search widget working with each of those, though.