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image frustration with autofocus+ theme WordPress


I'm new to wordpress and I'm creating a simple site with the autofocus + theme. The site is I like the way the page looks, but I'm not using it to blog. I understand that all photos on the main page are added by creating a new post. Fine, that works for me. But when I click a photo from the main page, I do not want any text (the word 'Browse', the 'filed under', the 'bookmark') or a second thumbnail of the same picture. I like that the photos can be viewed almost as a slideshow, but I want it to be simple and clean without anything else on the page. Any suggestions? Is this something that needs to be edited by going deep into code (Appearance --> Themes --> Editor)? If so, I'm scared.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

Answers (3)


Pippin Williamson answers:

By editing the template a little bit, you could do this really easily.

If you're willing to up the prize money to $25, I'd edit the files for you and get everything working perfect for you.

Lisa Gerber comments:

So it is a matter of editing code? How would this work? Do I send you all of the theme files associated with autofocus +?

Pippin Williamson comments:

Yes, it's a matter of editing the code. You could either send me the theme files (best would be to compress the folder into a .zip file) and email them to me at [email protected], or you could provide me with a user name a password that would allow me to login into your WordPress and I could edit the files from the built-in code editor.


Oleg Butuzov answers:


Oleg Butuzov comments:

select index.php or single.php find that code and just remove it.


Darrin Boutote answers:

The easiest solution--without editing your template files--is to add the following to the bottom of your style.css file:

.single h2.entry-title { display: none; }
.single #content .entry-meta { display:none; }
.single #content .entry-content { display:none; }
.single #nav-below { display:none; }

This will hide the elements you don't want shown on your single post/image pages.

Darrin Boutote comments:

Also, if you want to hide the gray background that shows up when an image isn't as large as the post area add this as well:

.single .post-image-container {background-color: #fff !important; }