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formatting the position of photos WordPress


I would like to arrange my photos within my blog posts exactly like this post where two photos are stacked on two photos so it’s a grid of 4 and about this size as well. But any other photo is the same width as the grid (see the wider photo below the grid).

here is a copy of one of my pages if you need to look at it:

Answers (3)


Maor Barazany answers:

Notice that in the example you gave, it is one image file that includes all 4 images, and not an HTML markup.

Maor Barazany comments:

You may just use in the admin panel, where you upload the image to the post, instead to allign to the middle, to align the first and third photo to the left, and to align the 2nd and 4th photo to the right.


Jim Dugan answers:

Those four are all photoshopped into one picture:

But that could be done by setting one of the default image sizes to the square 1/4 of the square you want (like setting the Thumbnail to 268x268 px).

Then add enough margin to the thumbnail to keep them apart. Have to fiddle with the floating and positioning.


idt answers:

If you are willing to give me access to edit that page then I can help you out. Without access to the actual entry, what you're trying to achieve can't be done.

Your other option, will be to pre-edit those images into one image and arrange it the way you wanted it to look.