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fix ie css tooltip WordPress


the social tooltip looks weird in IE

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webGP answers:


Paste the code below in your header.php file or into one of your javascirpt files located in folder:

<script type="text/javascript">
if (jQuery.browser.msie && parseInt(jQuery.browser.version, 10) <= 8) {
jQuery('#tt-wrapper li a span').css("opacity", 0);

jQuery('#tt-wrapper li a').hover(
jQuery(this).find('span').animate({"opacity": 1, "bottom": "45px"},100);
jQuery(this).find('span').animate({"opacity": 0, "bottom": "100px"},100);

Note: If you use the header file paste before </ head> if you use the scripts directory file delete the line '<script type="text/javascript">' and '</script>'

miamega comments:

It works, thanks. i still have few more things for you to fix. are you ok?

miamega comments:

this is fix how can i award the money to you?