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fatal error call to undefined function when uninstalling plugins WordPress


Created new blog, added several plug ins from training course.Made home page static. on first post, showed up in archives but not on main page

I read in that I should uninstall the plugins because one of them was causing the problem.
during the uninstall I got this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_site_admin() in /home/content/e/i/l/eileentefft/html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-related-posts/related-posts.php on line 81

on the themeslab site, in a forum it told me to change the code. However, this is above my ability plus I can not get into the admin site.

so a couple of problems, 1. not sure if I did the static home page right
2. the homepage is still on the blog, plus the static homepage.
3. The first blog shows up in the archives but not the blog
4. fatal error upon uninstall of the plugins.

here's the site:
Login is admin
password is connected

Answers (4)


Monster Coder answers:

giving password in open environment is risky for you.

do you get the fatal error when you try to install or after the uninstall? if first one, you may remove the plugin from plugins directory and visit plugins section of wordpress admin panel. wp will then automatically disable it.

if you get after uninstall, then you are using the plugins function in your site. that's why I always like to check if function exists:

if(function_exists('func_name')) func_name();

however, then the option is that you have to edit the files where you have used that function.

having a look at your site.

Monster Coder comments:

Just checked, seems the problem with admin panel. it will need checking your site using shell/ftp. please take backup of your site first, then provide access to ftp/shell to me or anyone you like here who will be able to solve it faster.

Eileen Tefft comments:

ok, good point about password. won't do it again.
I can't do anything in the admin because it wont' let me in.

Monster Coder comments:

I hope the problem is now fixed.


Michael Fields answers:

First step is to FTP in and delete the plugin files for the related posts widget. I can help guide you through the process, but it may be faster if you could email me the information. Let me know what you think. michael {At} mfields (D0T) ORG

Eileen Tefft comments:

I don't know how to 'ftp' in. what do you need to do it?

Michael Fields comments:

I simple FTP program like filezilla is free and works on just about and system. Here's the address:

Then you will need the username, ad password for ftp. on most shared hosting accounts this is the same as the login info for the "cpanel" but on some it can be different.

"Server name" is usually the domain name while "Port" is almost always 21.

Michael Fields comments:

Please call or email your host and ask them what you need to do to login via FTP. They will be able to tell you this information. One of us here will be able to help you, but we need this information first. The plugin needs to be manually removed from you installation.


Rashad Aliyev answers:

I logged to your site account I see this problem. That's very easy if you want to solve it connect with my email or MSN: resadaliyev }at{ hotmail (dot) com and give me your ftp I'll solve it in a minute.

That's don't give you chance to login your admin panel.


Eileen Tefft comments:

what does it mean, 'give me your ftp' what is an ftp?

Rashad Aliyev comments:

Don't you have your cpanel for your host? If you don't know about your ftp password then tell me please can you login to your host cpanel (or admin panel) ? There're you can also login to FILE MANAGER and going to wp-content/plugins, then manually you can delete your wordpress-related-posts plugin. The problem will solve immediately.

If you still confused you can contact with me I can make it for you.

best regards.

Eileen Tefft comments:

I can not log in to my admin page. the error appears only when I try to log in.

Rashad Aliyev comments:

Dear Eileen Tefft I see, I mean not your WP admin page. (Also I tested with your passwords I get like same situation). That's plugins conflict. You must login to your host control panel. Where did you host your site? They must give you password and username for login to make some settings there. If you don't know it you can ask to your hosting provider about your login and password. A question: how you can put your files to your host? If is not WP hosting you should put it manually. If you find your host login and password and still don't know what should you do... then please connect with me an email give me your password I'll solve immediately, then you can change your password.

Best regards,


Utkarsh Kukreti answers:

Once you've managed to disable the plugin, replace




in plugins/wordpress-related-posts/related-posts.php on line 81

The plugin should work fine after that.