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do_shortcode in template WordPress


Does somebody know how to add a shortcode in a shortcode in a theme with the do_shortcode?

I have two shortcodes I want to use:
Grant access to membership types that I define:

Some text and links to dispaly some information to the mebership types:

I tried to accomplish this by adding the following code:

<?php echo do_shortcode("[user_account_is#heltsjef|#sjef][medlem][/user_account_is]"); ?>

But this didn't work. The first shortcode [user_account_is#heltsjef|#sjef][/user_account_is] worked, but the [medlem] shortcode was displayed as text.

How can I get the [medlem] shortcode to function inside the [user_account_is#heltsjef|#sjef][/user_account_is]?

Answers (1)


Utkarsh Kukreti answers:

<?php echo do_shortcode(do_shortcode("[user_account_is#heltsjef|#sjef][medlem][/user_account_is]")); ?>

dolekjole comments:

Just what I needed!