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discounts for wp e-commerce WordPress


Hi there,

I'm setting up shop for a client and he'd like a function that wp-ecommerce doesn't offer just yet.

He'd like to apply a 20% discount on 2 or more items in his shopping cart that have lower or equal value to the other items in the cart...

for example:
item 1 = $450
item 2 = $550
item 3 = $550
item 4 = $300

in this case items 1, 2, and 4 at checkout would get a 20% discount each because they are equal to or less than the highest priced item in the cart.

I hope I explained that well enough. Can anyone help me with this? I know it'll take some custom programming but I'm willing to pay for it.

Answers (2)


Tom Ransom answers:

Which version of wp-e-commerce do you need this to work with?

3.8 which is in beta will be released shortly but has big changes making a fix for an earlier version possibly incompatible.

Sara Noto comments:

I'm currently running 3.7.8 - with the developers gold cart add on 2.8.

I didn't even think about waiting for the new version to come out - I haven't read anything about them creating this option within the newer release.

I guess I can wait until it's out of beta and see if it's going to do what i need it to, and then come back to you guys to see if I still need this created for me...

Can we keep this thread open, just in case?


Tom Ransom comments:

You may have misunderstood my question. There isn't this kind of functionality in the new version either. The problem for we developers is that the code for 3.7 would likely be different for 3.8 (different hooks and processes)

The real question is about urgency and budget - do you want a solution for new one (that you can deploy within a month or so) or need it NOW!

Sara Noto comments:

Oh.. woops - sorry about that.

I don't need it now - in a month or so would be fantastic - it would also be wonderful if it was something I could reimplement should I automatically update to newer versions of the wp e-commerce plugin.

Hope that makes sense.



S├ębastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

the most expensive product does not discount and other products have a discount, right?

Sara Noto comments:


I'm able to create a discount for 2 or more products - but not based on price like I need.