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custom loop that displayed the images from your custom post types WordPress



I was trying to make a custom loop that displayed the images from your custom post types.
As i am no coder, i failed to do so.

This is what i need and i figured out so far:

I need an image gallery page.
All the images should be viewed on that 1 page.
The user can search on that page for keywords. When searching this should be revealed on that same page.
clicking on a image should link to an info page(for each one another)
there should be also a category add the sidebar.



should be all viewed on page.
those categories on sidebar(click-able), going to page of that category.

This should be created, i think:

1 custom post type and custom taxonomies for your products
custom loop that displayed the images from your custom post types
searching on tags assigned to images????

I am willing to pay people to help me on this. setting that loop up and such.
contact me on [email protected]

iff possible doing so with the custom type post ui plugin, if not easy to handle for adding images.
no links to urls please


Answers (2)


Just Me answers:

What you want can be done by using a shopping cart plugin. I am a huge fan of the Shopp plugin Even if you don't want to sell anything you can use the system and remove the stuff like "Add to cart", payment and shipping.

If you want I can help you out once you have bought ($55) the plugin.

tielman dewaele comments:

it looks indeed interesting but not that customizable. Or i am wrong?
Are there templates?
Where can i find examples(not really on the site)


Just Me comments:

Shopp is customizable in any way you want. It helps if you have PHP programming experience, but most of it is done by using tags. Some widgets are provided too. Unfortunately the documentation and the forum are only accessible to registered user, that being people who already bought the plugin. There is a demo shop at . You can log into the admin panel by using the data at the right side of the screen.

This however shows the plugin used as a shop. I know many people use it as a catalog more than a shop, especially photographers and such. Take a look at the Showcase section, there is photographer's site. He doesn't direct to a product page but opens the image in colorbox. That is just a matter of coding.

I guess you can use any other shopping cart plugin as long as it is possible to remove the buying/shipping part. I am only familiar with Shopp.

I think using a shopping cart for your scenario is a better choice than re-inventing what is already there.

In general wanting specific things in WordPress and having not much PHP coding experience don't go together very well.

Just Me comments:

If you been by "not customizable" that it will be hard to make it work with your custom post types then you are right. I was assuming you would switch to the structure Shopp uses.


Denzel Chia answers:


As you have said before, you are not a programmer.
I am sure you are not familiar with how WordPress templates work.

What you want does not seem to be logically workable in WordPress.
None of the steps or requirements make sense to me.

You should engage an experience WordPress Developer and go through your requirements with him.
So that he can come up with something workable in WordPress and very near to your requirements.