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completely stumped on a weird glitch! WordPress



I am helping someone with a site and I'm so stumped I want to pull out my hair! I'm only having problems with the homepage:

On the home page I have two simple slideshows. The alignment is totally weird on first load. But then if you refresh the page... it looks okay! If you clear your history on your browser and go back to the page, it does it again. It's especially messed up on Chrome.

I tried using firebug and played around the the codes a bit... I would kinda find different solutions that seem to work, but then the rest of the pages get messed up. I don't want the "fix" to affect the rest of the pages in the site! All the other pages are working perfectly fine.

Please help!


Answers (2)


Peter Michael answers:

Try set fixed width & height for slideshow-wrapper0 & slideshow-wrapper1

Sinoun Chea comments:

how do i do that? what files do i go in?


Fahad Murtaza answers:

get rid of the table in HTML.

Fahad Murtaza comments:

Also slideshow-wrapper0 should have a height in styles forexample style="visibility: visible; height: 500px;"

Sinoun Chea comments:

i tried before, but if i don't use a table, i don't know how to put the slideshows side by side and make it look the way i have it right now

Fahad Murtaza comments:

One slideshow is one div and another in the other

And then use float property

<div style="float:left">...code for first image slider..</div>
<div style="float:right">...code for second image slider..</div>

Sinoun Chea comments:

i've also tried that before, but then the images aren't controlled and if it's too big it doesn't float correctly... and then i tried to change the margins of the page, but then that would mess up the rest of the pages in the site.