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category issue on index WordPress


For some reason my index isn't displaying a category correctly. It's duplicating the top category, even though it is not instructed to do so. It also has 2 lines of posts instead of 1, which is dictated in the index file. Looking for someone to take a look at the file and tell me why.

Answers (2)


Just Me answers:

can you send me some log in data? use my profile.

Just Me comments:

Thanks for trusting me with your log in data. It seems to work now. Could you check?

Patrick MacAdams comments:



Lucas Wynne answers:

Just go to Appearance > Menus in your dashboard and add it!

Patrick MacAdams comments:

it's not a menu issue. the index file is written to show rows of thumbnailed posts by category. for some reason, my top two categories are getting duplicated.