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broken wp site WordPress


Hi There,

Our site is broken and we are not sure the problem!

We are using this theme:

Usually there is a button on the top left, but now there isn't
The url is attached as image.

None of the pages are showing content, for example /benefits

I can see this error on the left:
cURL error number:7cURL error:couldn't connect to host

Any help getting it fixed would be great.


Answers (2)


Jens Filipsson answers:

You're having some kind of error when fetching some data by curl, if you look at the source:

cURL error number:7cURL error:couldn't connect to host

Whatever comes after this:

<div id="nav"><li><a href="">Business Offsetting</a></li></div>

That's the problem...

jimspankling comments:

Perfect. Was a xml feed that was broken! Forgot all about it.



Luis Abarca answers:

It's working, maybe is a problem on your internet connection or DNS