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bonus for Maor Barazany WordPress


I was not able to find any way to increase my bid amount for my prior question and I wanted to send an extra payment to Maor for his hard work as well.

So Maor, if you see this question, simply reply to it, and you win.

It's the only way I see to say thank you for the work you did even though your answer was not chosen.

ATTN Mods:
Please consider coming up with a system where the person asking the question can increase the amount of the bid.

As more reason to do so is I am going to be posting another question where I am not sure if the amount I am going to offer is going to be appropriate as it's a bigger job than the last one. As there is no way to currently transfer money from one question to another, or to increase the amount, I am really unsure as to how to properly proceed should my offer not be enough. This is a huge weakness in the current system.


Answers (2)


Maor Barazany answers:

Shawn, thank you very much for this post and awarding the former hard work.


Lawrence Krubner answers:

I am Lawrence Krubner, one of the owners of this site. I want to address the point that Shawn Gaffney raises.

If you ask a question on WP Questions, you can increase the amount of the prize later:

1.) Go to the page where your question appears.

2.) Be sure you are logged in.

3.) If you are logged in, a small "edit" link will appear underneath your question

4.) Click the "edit" link. You will be taken to a page where you can edit your question or increase the prize you are offering.

shawn comments:


Thanks for the info. I did not see that edit button for some reason. Not saying it was not there, just saying that after some time of digging around I could not find any way of doing what I was after.

Maybe make it stand out more, and define what can be done via tooltip?

Either way, I am glad to hear there is already a solution in place.

shawn comments:

One last suggestion:

I'm considering posting another much larger project question, but would really like it if there were some way of getting input from users prior to committing a dollar amount.

Right now, I have no way of judging if my offer would be appropriate or not, or if my question is within the scope of what this site offers without having to attach money from paypal up front.

It would be nice if there were a system setup where I could post a question and get some input from users prior to committing. I would NOT be looking for an answer, but more to find out if people are interested in the project, and how much I should be offering.

I suppose now that I know that I can bump the offer up after the fact, that I could always pose a question for $1, asking for input on interest and fair cost, and then bump it after the fact. My only concern is that no one would be interested in even looking at a question that only pays $1 and I would get no responses.

Because of the way the payment system works, I would be hesitant to offer more than the bare minimum up front as I would not want to commit my paypal funds to this site if there is no interest, and would rather pursue other job sites.

I hope what I am saying makes sense, and look forward to hearing about the best way to proceed.

-I don't believe my project I am considering would be elevated to the point of a 'job request' but it would be much more than a simple question/answer.

project revolves around building a live jquery/ajax taxonomy sorting system for custom post-types