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blog name WordPress

Hi there,

How do I override my blog name in order to improve seo?
And why do i have a duplicate page title on my blog?קטיף-עגבניות-בעמק

Thank you

Answers (3)


Peter Michael answers:

Have a look in Settings -> General

Gal Zohar comments:

i want blog tittle to remain the same
but to change it only for seo purposes

Peter Michael comments:

Have a look at [[LINK href=""]]this plugin[[/LINK]] then.

Peter Michael comments:

Success? Failure? You should reply to our answers as well so we know what's going on, thanks.


MDan answers:

Maybe this will answer your question:


Graham Kite answers:

Quote: "I want blog tittle to remain the same
but to change it only for seo purposes"
That makes no sense, you either want to change it for seo or not.

The real answer is your blog title should be the same as your blog name/url, if it is not you should register another domain name.

Go to the title is set in the general setting in the setting tab. It is also vital you change your tagline also.

You should use three keywords in your title seperateed by | do not use more. And your domain name sould also have the main keyword in it.

As for the duplicate content, can't see it and the blog is not in English I can't read the content, but the short answer would be: If it is a page then it has been duplicated. or whoever did it has pasted the same in another page.

I you mean a post, every post is also a page, so your post will be on the post page, but it will also have its own seperate page. Does that make sense?