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basic modifications to image for header on WP site WordPress


I put together most of my site but someone else put together the header for me, so I need some help. I need a new image to replace my header – I am using WP 3.2.1, so I can easily upload it to replace the header, but I need to make modifications to the image, which I am unable to do. My site is


I have this header image on my nascent website:

(Note the shading on the top line and on the bottom.)

I would like to replace it with a very similar image, which can be downloaded here:

Can someone crop and size the image to make it similar and add the shading, so that it’s very similar to what’s up there now? So that I can then just upload it to WP to replace the current header?

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Plugarized answers:

I can't upload the files for some reason, give me an email I can send them to.

Plugarized comments:

And here is a preview how it looks on your page