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Zenko Magazine Theme editing WordPress


Need to change the menu bar color on Zenko Magazine wordpress template but cant figure how to do it. Template is here:


Answers (5)


Yoosuf Muhammad answers:

Take a backup of the existing theme folder and do the following changes.

Open up the /wp-contents/zenko/style.css and go to the line number #299 and you will find the following CSS block.

background: url(images/menu.png) repeat-x;
height: 33px;
margin: 0px auto;

and make sure that you having an alternative color menu.png, and grab that to the /wp-contents/zenko/images and replace with the existing.

in order to use the color change of the menu.png, use Photoshop, Fireworks or any optional and handy image processing application.

Good Luck


MagoryNET answers:

There is a menu.png file in the Zenko Magazine template folder in subfolder images. You have to change the color of it in GIMP/Photoshop for example using colourizing layer or brush.
Or if you want the menu to have a simple, one-colour background add #menu {background:#ff000} at the end of style.css in the Zenko template folder (change #ff000 to the colour of your choosing).


Dan | gteh answers:

You need to replace this file with the new color.

Design a small image the same size as that one with the colors you want and then replace it.


Andrew C answers:

go into the file "style.css" in your theme folder and look for:

#menu {
background: url(images/menu.png) repeat-x;
height: 33px;
margin: 0 auto; }

change the image at "images/menu.png" to a different color. The image is located within your theme > image folder.

alternatively you can also replace:
background: url(images/menu.png) repeat-x;
background:#ea4444; /* #ea4444 is the color you want for the menu */


Nilesh shiragave answers:


You can replace image menu.png in your theme images folder with new one. I have attached some images with this message you can try them.

If you want to just us color instead of image to the background then open


search for this code block


background: url(images/menu.png) repeat-x;

height: 33px;

margin: 0px auto;


just replace the line

background: url(images/menu.png) repeat-x;

with your color code like


If you want to edit the menu.png then open menu.png in photoshop. Choose "Image/Adjustment/Color Balance..." from the top menu or just click "Ctrl + B" hotkey.

then you can adjust the colors to choose image as you want. then just replace image menu.png in you wp-content/themes/zenko/images/ folder.

Let me know if you want any help.

Nilesh shiragave comments:

Images are not attached to my previous message you can download them from