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XML Dummy Data Import Error WordPress


Hi guys,
On one of my themes, when trying to import dummy data, I'm getting "Menu item skipped due to missing menu slug". This may have started with the new 3.1 update, but not positive.

Any push in the right direction would be much appreciated.


Answers (2)


Maor Barazany answers:

I think I read that part of 3.1 changes was a change in the export/import.
What you could do is to create some data (menus etc) and then export to XML.
Then look inside the file and try to locate changes between XML you got and a new one, you may use "beyond compare" or other text comparing software in order to discover changes inside files.


Nathan Epp answers:

have you tried any plugins? [[LINK href=""]] Here [[/LINK]] is a list of some you might try. Is your dummy data in a set form from a blog, or just made by yourself?